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See the Disposable placemats in action below.

Why Every Mother Needs Disposable Placemats

Easy Cleanup

Say goodbye to the dreaded long hours of cleaning after feeding your toddler with these disposable placemats.

Unmatched Portability

They can be individually folded into 3×20 Tabletoppers Re-sealable bags that make it easy to drop it in the diaper bag (family picnics just got a whole lot easier).

Safe to Use

With your baby’s health as a priority, the mats are BPA and Lead-Free thus you don’t have to worry about germs and infections affecting the little one’s health.

Value for Money and Time

Lastly, since they are available in a pack of 60, you won’t need to be buying them every day or even every week.



Peel off the adhesive strips and stick the mat on the surface of the table. 


Once they are done eating, peel off the edges and throw the mat away.


Avoid leaving the mat stuck to the surface for too long.


The dimensions of the mats are 12×18 which means it should cover most of the hotspots, reducing the mess to a bare minimum.

Customers Reviews

Each time I take my son to eat out and his food ended up on the table, I felt a little guilty that he was eating off some table that probably wasn’t very clean or was cleaned with harsh chemicals. Then I saw someone with a “place mat” out at a restaurant and thought I needed to have some for myself. These are AWESOME. Highly recommend!


I was thrilled when I saw this disposable placemat with appetizing colors being sold on Amazon. Ordered immediately and the item was delivered in 2 days. My kid has never been so good at the dining table. Now I don’t have to worry about my child eating off a table filled with germs. A must have for all mothers.


I really like this product. There are sticky strips on all 4 sides so my little one will not rip it off the table. The package has a ziplock which helps keep them tucked away and hard for little ones to open if they get into the diaper bag. And each place mat is individually folded to ease as you pull one out for use. Great product for the price too! Will buy more!


Before I knew these things existed, I was letting my daughter eat off of any random restaurant table (disgusting I know). These are a must have!


Mom must have item! These items are a lifesaver! They make cleanup while eating out a breeze and keep littles from eating off of germ covered tables. They are sticky enough that my two year old can’t rip it off.


These mats are exactly as advertised – cute, super sticky, and great for providing a clean surface for restaurant eating.


Must have! These placemats are perfect! I usually take some with me when I am on the go. I love how colorful they are and my child loves them! You can recycle them afterwards, too!


Great value and quality! 3rd order already! Everywhere we go, people ask where we got them and comment on how clever they are when we are out to eat. We love the value and quality of the product. I also appreciate that they are prepackaged in packs of 20- Perfect for throwing in a diaper bag without taking up too much room!


LOVE these. My one year old likes putting his mouth on the tables when we go out to eat AND we can’t use a plate for him for food because he loves picking them up and making a mess. These are perfect to protect the tables, keep his mouth from picking up gross germs or spreading them, and the cleanup is so easy