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A clean, safe place to eat anywhere you go!

As a mother of two lively young kids and owner of a preschool, I know parenting can be tough job — especially for working moms and dads. And though we cannot make it easy, our sticky disposable baby placemats do make clean-up and securing a clean, safe, and germ-free eating place a lot less complicated for parents across the country every day.

— Oh, and I couldn’t help but make it stimulating for your child’s development and learning in a fun and healthy way. I am an early childhood educator after all!

My name is Cheryl, and here’s my story of how always taking my kids to eat out, led to an idea making mealtime safer for the little ones.

disposable baby placemats

As parents, we many worries:

You just don’t know who was sitting at the restaurant table before your child, or how well it was cleaned… Did they use harsh chemicals for quick cleaning between guests?

On a day like any other, I was looking at an employee trying to clean an oily and messy restaurant table with the same worn out rag and yucky pail of water that had been used all day — judged by the gross color of the water. I had the choice between letting my kids eat their dinner here, or spend another 30 minutes finding a cleaner place to eat. That was when I saw another mom cover the table with a placematGenius! I thought. The only problem was; the mat was designed for rote learning of letters! What good was that doing a child who was still learning to keep the food on his plate? The mother was spending their dining time trying to get her child to remember letters, and got frustrated when the kid didn’t get it right. — Trust me, that is no way to stimulate a child’s development or get them excited about learning!

I was sure I could design a better placemat, one that would help stimulate kids’ appetite and development… So I did! When I came home I started drawing a sketch for a placemat that would help children learn about table manners in a fun way. Full of colors, not rote learning, so parent and child get the chance to be bonding instead of “teaching” over mealtime. The result is our BPA, PVC and phthalate-FREE placemat designed with fun animal drawings for your child to enjoy. The appetizing colors are chosen based research of better ways to get even the fussiest children to eat, so mealtime stays fun for everyone. I am most proud of the way it turns learning table skills and good manners into a fun game for parents and child to “play” together.

Making mealtime less messy and more fun, starts in our web shop:

“I think you’ll find our placemats as convenient as I do. They are all about less mess and trouble, easy cleanup, and won’t slide around, so you don’t have to keep an eye on food falling on the floor.”

— Cheryl

Founder of BibiLuv