How to Sleep Train Your Toddler


How have you been these days? Have you felt refreshed after waking up recently? As parents, our physical and mental well-being directly affects our capability to respond well to the needs of our fully-dependent children. To keep our sanity, it might help to sleep train your toddler. Sleep training refers to a set of strategies […]

The 5 Most Important Things in Your Toddler’s Diet

It may be challenging to feed your toddler. After all, this is the stage when they are the pickiest and when their appetite might slow down. The key is to be creative in your preparation and presentation and to never let them feel like nutrition is a tedious chore. Train them early with these yummy […]

Get Them Started Early: Healthy Eating Habits in Early Childhood

Children can be finicky eaters, and while the challenge of getting them to eat healthy can be one that some parents give up on altogether, you might be interested to know that your child’s well-being into adulthood banks on it. Here are 3 benefits to healthy eating in early childhood. Healthy eating stabilizes your little […]