15, Sep 2020

Co-sleeping with Baby

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Parenting comes with a complete set of topics that one has to excel in. Baby feeding, diaper changing, strolling, managing baby’s sleep, co-sleeping, etc. are a few of the things every parent has wondered about. There isn’t exactly a perfect guide for parenting, but we are here to help you take baby steps for your baby’s growth.

Co-sleeping has been associated with many myths, especially because it impacts a child’s brain. Hence we thought of breaking the chain of myths and see what we in store for you.

Cosleeping is an important topic to be discussed because when you become parents, you need to know everything about everything, even remotely related to your baby. For this, you read many books, articles and take advice from experienced people, elders, and try to pick the best for your child. Parents sometimes don’t know how long they should wait before giving their baby a completely new space. Nobody knows how the baby will respond to the surroundings. Some doctors advise them that co-sleeping with baby isn’t good, while some believe that it helps baby grow and thus is very necessary to be done soon.

Let us go through this article to sort our vision about the facts and fictions of co-sleeping. We sincerely hope that it will help you prioritize your choices and boost your baby’s growth, creativity, and senses.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Co-sleeping with Baby

Co-sleeping means sharing the same bed with your baby. Some doctors advise parents to use a crib instead of sharing the bed because the baby needs space to sleep properly. Cosleeping also increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. Sometimes, they get suffocated because of their parents’ closeness, which is dangerous for the baby. One of the major risks involved with bed-sharing is an adult rollover. This may disturb the baby during their night sleep and may also cause serious injuries to the baby.

On the other hand, there is also a saying that co-sleeping is also important for a baby’s growth. It is a safe practice if you follow certain precautions.

Share your room with the baby but make sure they have a different bassinet. Choose clean and soft cloth for the crib. Make sure their bed does no discomfort to them. A good sleep gives a baby a good day. One can put soft toys and pillows near the child, so they won’t roll over. Also, having soft toys nearby gives babies a sense of closeness to a person, and they fall asleep easily. According to pediatrics, co-sleeping can lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome up to 50 percent. Co-sleeping with baby is safe if one considers all the aspects and then make the baby’s bed. This way, the mother, too, can keep an eye on the child and sleep without worrying. Ideally, co-sleeping is necessary for at least six months- 12 months.

Cosleeping and its effect on the senses of the baby

Co-sleeping involves touch and feel of the presence of another person. It gives a sense of safety and hence helps a child fall asleep easily. One of the most important advantages of co-sleeping is the development of a baby’s senses. Hence, sleeping with the mother can improve the baby’s senses like hearing, touching, sound, smell, temperature, and movement. It is said in a few studies that the sight of the babies is not very clear for a few months. Thus, they use their other senses to know their nearby things and adapt to their surroundings. Cosleeping improves these senses in the babies. These senses enhance one’s creativity and understanding of the environment.  If the baby sleeps alone at a very young age, it can affect the development of the baby and lower the learning power.

Co-sleeping relaxes the baby

According to doctors and many medical studies, 18 hours of sleep is very important for a newborn child. This is their way of adjusting to the new world that they are born in. They take their time and sleep to get used to their surroundings. When babies sleep with their mothers, they feel secure and safe. Thus, they can sleep for a longer time than adults and take their nap easily. They use their senses, and by following them, they feel comfortable.

Cosleeping is important, but slowly after some time, one should try to change these habits because this is not a permanent solution. Cosleeping for a longer time can make a baby dependent on parents, and hence it is necessary to change their sleeping habits on time. For changing this habit, one should give sleep training to their baby and keep switching between rooms on alternative days.


Co-sleeping habits

When the babies start sleeping with the parent, they enjoy the warmth and love. They get used to this very easily, mainly because their senses attract them towards their parents and give them a sense of security. If you are transitioning their sleeping habits, you should start it with the crib and switch to changing their room after a while. This may or may not take time, depending on the child’s adaptability. But slowly and steadily, your baby will get acquainted with their new sleeping place.

The transition of the baby from co-sleeping to crib

Now that we have seen that transition is important, we should now see how one can do this. At the very first, use the crib for naptime so that your baby can get used to it and get comfortable there. Put all the stuff near him/her in a crib, which includes soft toys and pillows. When the baby is ready, complete the transition to all crib in his/her separate room, all the time. Make a bedtime routine so they can adopt it more comfortably. Stick to your baby’s night-time ritual and follow them on time.

For safe sleep, do’s

  • ASTM certified crib
  • Baby on back
  • Firm crib mattress
  • Fitted pad and sheets
  • Mattress encasement
  • Swaddle newborns
  • Use clean and light fragrance clothes or products

For safe sleep don’ts

  • Crib bumpers
  • Blankets
  • Rough toys and other stuff
  • Cords near the crib
  • Sleep positioners or wedges
  • Temperature fluctuations

There is no correct answer or prediction for co-sleeping with baby. You should know by yourself about the best ways and what would be best for your baby. Keep yourself around your baby during the initial phases. It will give you an understanding of your baby’s responses to their surroundings. You will learn mostly through it. For more details, you can follow our work at Bibiluv and head to our shop page to get a hold of wonderful baby products online.

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