15, Oct 2019

Get Them Started Early: Healthy Eating Habits in Early Childhood

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Children can be finicky eaters, and while the challenge of getting them to eat healthy can be one that some parents give up on altogether, you might be interested to know that your child’s well-being into adulthood banks on it. Here are 3 benefits to healthy eating in early childhood.

Healthy eating stabilizes your little ones’ energy and even out their moods. Excessive sugar in a toddler’s diet can spell trouble for the parents. This can cause mood swings when sugar levels drop and almost-impossible-to-handle-amounts of energy when sugar levels rise. Removing soda and offering candy in moderation in your toddlers’ diet can go a long way. In addition, bad eating habits don’t supply the body with enough nutrients for physical activity: it sets off a chain reaction toward an inactive lifestyle.

Healthy eating habits in early childhood are usually carried over into adulthood. The old saying goes, “Old habits die hard.” If binging on a tub of ice cream is a form of reward for a toddler, then it’s likely that they’ll bring this habit with them in their older years. The dopamine kick of ice cream, candies, and soda as positive reinforcement can set a dangerous precedent once the toddler is able to decide on her/his own meals. Early childhood is the time when the mind is most susceptible to learning the basics of survival, and that includes food preferences. Reduce sodium and sugar intake to help set taste preferences and your child will make better food choices later in life. Note that fast food addiction is a real thing and makes it harder for anyone to eat healthier later in life, even when health problems are already apparent. High sodium meals accompanied by high sugar drinks are a lethal combination for the mind of a learning child.

Poor diets translate to lifelong diseases. This should come as no surprise: our diets are a big part of our overall health, and early childhood is a crucial part of that. A poor diet can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases if left unchecked. Obesity is also a looming danger in children who intake junk food regularly. In addition, if the foods that your little one eats is lacking in Vitamins A and C, plus other essential minerals like magnesium and calcium, it could put her/him at risk of osteoporosis. And since eating habits are largely formed during early childhood, it only makes sense to get toddlers into healthy foods like fruits and vegetables early on.

So parents, make meal plans for your little ones and make sure that you fill it up with fruits, vegetables, and just the right amount of carbohydrates and protein to help them live a long and productive life. And you can set those meals right on Bibiluv Sticky Mats. These mats are not only easy disposable and thus make cleanup time a breeze, but they’re also printed with colors scientifically proven to increase a child’s appetite. You don’t need excessive sugars and sodium to get your child to eat! Start them early on a healthy diet.

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