15, Oct 2019

On Colors and Appetites: Three Colors That Help Make Mealtime Go Much Smoother

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Most parents don’t take this into account: colors visible during mealtime can dramatically affect their little ones’ appetites. You can keep an immaculate kitchen and fill it up with smells that rival Michelin star restaurants, but if you populate it with the wrong colors, you’ll find people will want to eat less in that area. Some adults even use surrounding colors to suppress their appetites.

That being said, toddlers are very, very easily affected by colors vis-a-vis their appetites. Keeping the right colors around could save you a lot of headaches during meal time. So read on and get ready to say, “Here comes the choo-choo train!” These are three colors that you’ll want around your child’s dining area.


This color is particularly stimulating. It increases mental activity including that part of the brain that tells you you’re hungry. It’s always great to have carrots, oranges, mashed pumpkins, and squash on a plate. Even just handing your little one a couple of baby-friendly utensils will make him just a tad bit more excited to eat.


Lots of restaurants–including the one with the big yellow M and the scary clown–use red a lot in their exterior and interior designs. This is because red has been known to increase a person’s blood pressure and heart rate–it causes the body to work harder, thus making it hungrier. Think back on restaurants with red table cloths, red panels on the walls, and even red plates. This color causes humans to consume more food, and it will definitely benefit the parents of stubborn eaters.


Yellow is a color that is said to increase people’s happiness levels. It is the color of excitement, and at once is able to catch attention. It is a warm color that encourages a faster pace of consumption.

These three colors have been proven to have a positive effect on people’s appetites, and toddlers are no exception. You’ll have a much easier time feeding your little one with these colors in view. Now not every place you eat will have these colors right in sight. That’s why Bibiluv sticky mats give you the chance to have them with you every time you go out to eat with your excitable ball of sunshine. The colors on these Bibiluv sticky mats have been proven to increase appetite, and are pretty eye-catching for the curious toddler. In addition, Bibiluv mats help make cleanup time a breeze! Say goodbye to your toddler’s stubborn and messy eating habits with Bibiluv!

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