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We at BibiLuv, are focussed on offering you the best range of innovative and functional products for infants and children that will mitigate your worries as a parent. We believe rather than worrying about the daily chores of your toddler, you should relish these beautiful moments and proffer your worries to us because we are here to compliment you with the best baby products online that are credible and well suited to your needs.
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Innovative Baby Products Online

Here at Bibiluv, we are constantly reinventing and revising baby care paraphernalia that could possibly make a parent’s day. Just like the Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer, our products like placeholder mats, shopping cart covers, baby cribs intend to make baby care a fun process. The Shopping Cart Cover serves its purpose as an extra covering that is an absolute must-have for parents. While shopping or dining out, the cart cover can be used as a comfortable cushion for your toddler while sitting on a shopping cart or a high restaurant chair. The adjustable seat belts are a reliever with side pockets to hold your phone or other essentials.

Simple & Realistic

At BibiLuv, we are always driven by a thought process to introduce baby care products that are simplistic in design and yet offer some realistic solutions while easing out the process of child care for parents.

Our Story

On a day like any other, I was looking at an employee trying to clean an oily and messy restaurant table with the same worn-out rag and a yucky pail of water that had been used all day — judged by the gross color of the water. I had the choice between letting my kids eat their dinner here, or spend another 30 minutes finding a cleaner place to eat. That was when I saw another mom cover the table with a placemat — Genius! I thought. The only problem was; the mat was designed for rote learning of letters! What good was that doing a child who was still learning to keep the food on his plate? The mother was spending their dining time trying to get her child to remember letters and got frustrated when the kid didn’t get it right. — Trust me, that is no way to stimulate a child’s development or get them excited about learning!

I was sure I could design a better placemat, one that would help stimulate kids’ appetite and development, So I did! When I came home I started drawing a sketch for a placemat that would help children learn about table manners in a fun way. Full of colors, not rote learning, so parents and children get the chance to be bonding instead of “teaching” over mealtime. The result is our BPA, PVC, and phthalate-FREE placemat designed with fun animal drawings for your child to enjoy.

Our journey that started from the placemat has grown a lot and we now offer a variety of baby care products online with the same vision of mitigating worries of parents. Our product range includes shopping cart covers, baby cribs, diaper caddy organizers, strollers, car back seat organizers, and much more.

So, what are you waiting for?
Give us a chance to serve your purpose and you’ll find out why our customers pour so much love in BibiLuv!
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