28, Jul 2020

Parent’s Guide for baby products

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If you have become first-time parents recently, you are bound to know both joys and woes of this surreal phase of life. The “fourth trimester” is a real thing, and so is the postpartum anxiety that comes with it. You find yourself sacrificing just about everything to keep your baby healthy, happy, and safe. Daily chores increase multifold even with unconditional support as your baby transforms during these crucial first few months of his or her life. We at BibiLuv keep you in our thoughts while giving life to ideas that could make this tedious but heartwarming time easier.

And our excellent baby products can come in handy during these times of distress!

1. Shopping baby products-

Our experience with parenting taught us some valuable lessons. Our empathy leads us to think up products that shall stay useful for a long time throughout your baby’s initial growth phase. Being mobile with your baby during such a time, for both short and long outings, would seem like an uphill task if one’s not equipped with the right things. Baby products are not everyone’s forte while shopping, let alone nurturing an interest in researching the best products to fix your mind. Baby products, this is where BibiLuv intends to step in and cater to your needs.

2. Our Baby Caddy Organizer-

One such product that would grab your attention is our Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer. Designed to carry all baby care apparatus, this foldable carrier manages storage using different compartments to help you organize better. The caddy’s simple shape resembles a smartly crafted bag with easy access to all things you would need while attending to your baby. The main compartment is divided into three with ample space to hold baby diapers, wipes, feeding bottles, infant toys, phones and batteries, clothes, basic medicines, or even books. The inserts which serve as separators can be removed if you want your caddy to be turned into a single section to hold all your stuff. If you have plans for an outing, the caddy comes in handy with its simple foldable structure and handles, ready to be fit into any confined space.

The extra pouches on the outer side serve as a back-up if you have a few new things to carry for the day. Keeping durability in mind, the caddy is made with felt guaranteeing prolonged life with minimum damage, resistance to any wearing, and ability to be cleaned easily. Felt is a primary choice for most fabric-based baby products due to its reliability and versatility. The strength of the fabric ensures that the caddy remains lightweight for comfortable mobility. This multi-purpose organizer bag is perfect for a relatively new parent. It serves as a worthy companion during long travel trips considering compatibility while using tables in changing stations or while keeping it in a car. Your outdoor activities could prove less cluttered and relaxed with a kit like a caddy organizer.

3. Tidy caddy, Tidy baby-

 For parents who think rationally about tidiness, a simple surface brushing or wipe would suffice in order to keep the inner felt material clean. However, it is advised to avoid resorting to any form of hard washing. As responsible designers and manufacturers, we adamantly ensure premium quality while choosing our products’ material such that it qualifies as perfectly safe for the baby and the parent alike. Unlike other manufacturers, we ensure a homely and deeply personal care given to the making of the caddy given our extensive experience with infant product designing.

4. A perfect gift in baby products-

We feel useful things always make the best gifts. The caddy is a perfect option as a gift for newborns or for any toddler who just completed their initial months or years. Having this caddy in your inventory would ease the burden of searching for a suitable container to hold all your necessary baby care essentials. On-the-go baby grooming now should ideally seem like an easy chore with a product like the Baby Diaper Caddy organizer.

5. Easy peasy buying options-

Ordering our products is a fairly simple affair with the multiple options seen on our portal. Suppose it so happens that you are left unsatisfied with our product or services. In that case, you can freely get in touch with us and return the product immediately by referring to our Return Policy, which promises a full refund or product replacement.

6. The hanging caddy-

The Hanging Caddy Diaper Organizer is another variant of this product that can be used as a portable nappy holder with compartments separated and supported by four plastic boards to reinforce the shape. It comes with a no sagging guarantee due to the material choices and sturdy shape. The comfortable design helps hold various articles and baby essentials to hang it on windows, doors, or can be wall-mounted based on convenience. The hanging caddy qualifies as an amazing baby shower gift priced reasonably with a hundred percent money-back guarantee option.

7. Myriad of baby products-

At Bibiluv, we are constantly reinventing and revising baby care paraphernalia that could possibly make a parent’s day. Just like the Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer, our products like placeholder mats, shopping cart covers, baby cribs, educational toys like the bug catcher kit for young children intend to make baby care a fun process. For example, dining out in a crowded place with your young ones could be a sensitive issue for you as you might find yourself worrying about hygiene. Our placeholder mats play an important role in reducing such anxieties as an easy-to-carry mat to keep your child from touching any open table surfaces and thereby avoid catching any unwanted infection.

The Shopping Cart Cover serves its purpose as an extra covering that is an absolute must-have for parents. While shopping or dining out, the cart cover can be used as a comfortable cushion for your toddler while sitting on a shopping cart or a high restaurant chair. The adjustable seat belts are a reliever with side pockets to hold your phone or other essentials.

With such a wide range of products at your disposal, a doting parent can feel relieved as both a customer and an organized baby expert.

So head to our Shop page and check out the products that await you!

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