22, Jul 2020

Road Trip with Kids

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The passing wind caressing the face, slipping out on unknown roads, away with family, road trips are full of fun and are filled with exciting moments. From preparing a list of sights to coming back all drained, road trips are an experience that fills us with love and laughter. Road trips vary in experiences with people. We always have different ways to describe a trip when we go with friends, family, or maybe kids.

Road trip with kids sounds lovely when we imagine the sight-see around valleys, or trips to the beach, posing with water. But all those perfect pictures have a lot of chaos behind the scenes. Be it a theme park, visiting family or, just the drive across the country, trips with kids vary from fun-filled moments to tears-rolling moments.

We are sure you already know how to make more fun-filling moments, but we have some tips for reducing those tears-rolling moments.

We have a few tricks that can help you organize, manage, and have fun on your kid’s trips.

1. Planning before Leaving

Plan the whole trip. We know it’s too much work, but believe it or not, it will render you so many peaceful moments once you begin the journey.

  • Make a list of the things you need to pack
  • Select the ideal time to hit the road
  •  Make everyone in charge of things like packing, cleaning the car, bringing food, etc. this will keep everyone on their toes, and they will feel all the excitement of the trip.

2. Snacking and Munching

We all know that healthy eating habits are a must, but trips sometimes cause a bit of cheating. So keep all your healthful food along with some snacks for the occasional minute munching. You can also give kids a sweet treat of their favorite savory snacks. Some ideas for snacks can be bean chips, nut butter packs, dates, and nuts. You can also give some time to your cooking skills and have some home-made snacks for the trip. You can try zucchini brownies, carrot cake, applesauce brownies, etc. Eating during traveling has to be managed properly because poor eating may make you sick or even lead you to meltdowns. Hence monitor the food you pack, as this will make your journey happy and easy.

3. Using entertainment Apps

We are already friendly with the tech-savvy world, so why not utilize these applications while we are on a trip. For starters, you can plug-in Spotify or YouTube and relax with your family along with the soothing and calming music. You can even play podcasts or stand-up comedies to have some joyful moments. Moreover, you can also download some fun family games on your phone or maybe carry some board games along with you. These tactics will keep the kids busy with fun-filled moments. Whereas, it will give you a chance to connect back to your childhood days and go on a nostalgia trip.

4. Play Offline Games

The best part of the road trip is that you can observe many new things, places, food, languages, etc. Since you have all these accessible things, why not play a game that involves having fun with these newly obtained resources. You can play I spy, which is the best game to keep everyone’s senses active. You can also test everyone’s geography by asking them name all the states, or the states that you have visited. There are many games that you can play in the car with your kids and connect to them. These offline games are the happiest entertainment available. Give your kids a map and ask them to mark the places they have visited, this will be a memorable gift for them from the trip.

5. Organizing Baby Stuff

We know how cumbersome it becomes to arrange all the baby’s products in bags. Well, we got you covered right there. We have so many products to help you solve this problem. You can have a BABY DIAPER CADDY organizer for storage and organization. It can store toys, clothes, and diapers that will be handy for use whenever needed. For organizing during road trips, you can have one of our CAR BACKSEAT ORGANISER WITH TABLET HOLDER. It will make you and your car always ready for a road trip with kids.

6. Get your Craft On

While traveling, we do get plenty of time. If not used in a fun way, it may make the trip boring and tiring. One can always try something crafty while they travel. You can try hands-on making shell bracelets, making a collage, clicking pictures, reading books. One can try timing the work with each stop, and they will reach the destination before they expected. This is a great way to make a boring time interesting and also to have engaging activities on the trip. And it will also help you to understand more about one another and bond well with the kids. Give your kids a disposable camera and ask them to click as many pictures as they can. They will get crafty and also pay attention to the journey.

7. Mark the Break

One cannot go on driving for hours. Similarly, one cannot go on sitting at the backseat for hours. Map out your break strategically so that you can get down to freshen up within every couple of hours. You can mark the places where you can do some sight-seeing or local food tasting, etc. This way, you can have a break while exploring something. Additionally, plan some small interval breaks for kids as well for their emergencies. We all know how difficult it is to manage all those diaper sessions in the car that too in between a wonderful road trip.

8. Be prepared for emergencies

Sometimes people may get car sickness. It’s a good idea to travel with disposable bags for such emergency scenarios. You can prepare an emergency bag where you can have medicines, ginger, or peppermint products. If someone tends to get sick in the car, you can generally take care of the food they consume; they must avoid spicy or heavy food during the journey to keep themselves safe. You can also ask the person to take the front seat as this may calm them and keep them away from nauseating.

9.Managing Questions and Tiredness of kids

No matter how much you try to manage your traveling time, there is always a possibility that your kids will strike you with questions like when will we reach? How far is the destination? Have we reached yet? Etc.

Don’t get puzzled or irritated as kids have a natural curiosity to ask these questions. For times like these, you can involve yourself and map the locations together to see how far you’ve come. You can also engage them in small talks involving them and their school. Kids get distracted by even a small ant, so manage your breaks while having fun and making sure they are busy and entertained.

Now that you are all set to rock the roads with your kids. To make this trip a memorable one filled with amusement and excitement, you would need help with some necessary commodities whether it is soft toys to keep your kids busy or baby rockers or even organizers to help you with the myriad of baby products and for that we are here to back you up and make your trip far from being cumbersome and taxing.

Have a look at the various utilitarian products we offer at BibiLuv; they can help you manage everything cleverly, and you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy with your kids and family.

Voila! Have a great trip!

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