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Most parents don’t take this into account: colors visible during mealtime can dramatically affect their little ones’ appetites. You can keep an immaculate kitchen and fill it up with smells that rival Michelin star restaurants, but if you populate it with the wrong colors, you’ll find people will want to eat less in that area. Some adults even use surrounding colors to suppress their appetites. That being said, toddlers are very, very easily affected by colors vis-a-vis their appetites. Keeping the right colors around could save you a lot of headaches during meal time. So read on and get ready to say, “Here comes the choo-choo train!” These are three colors that you’ll want around your child’s dining area. Orange This color is particularly stimulating. It increases mental activity including that part of the brain that tells you you’re hungry. It’s always great to have carrots, oranges, mashed pumpkins, and…

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