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Children can be finicky eaters, and while the challenge of getting them to eat healthy can be one that some parents give up on altogether, you might be interested to know that your child’s well-being into adulthood banks on it. Here are 3 benefits to healthy eating in early childhood. Healthy eating stabilizes your little ones’ energy and even out their moods. Excessive sugar in a toddler’s diet can spell trouble for the parents. This can cause mood swings when sugar levels drop and almost-impossible-to-handle-amounts of energy when sugar levels rise. Removing soda and offering candy in moderation in your toddlers’ diet can go a long way. In addition, bad eating habits don’t supply the body with enough nutrients for physical activity: it sets off a chain reaction toward an inactive lifestyle. Healthy eating habits in early childhood are usually carried over into adulthood. The old saying goes, “Old habits…

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